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PostSubject: Carnival Crew Forms   Carnival Crew Forms EmptySun May 27, 2012 1:54 pm

I had this grand idea, to have a Carnival for Something Catchy so that we could (hopefully) get more activity! If you would like to be a part of the Something Catchy Carnival, please fill out this form and send it to me through via PM. The deadline for your form to be turned in is June 10th. Please note, that I will NOT be deciding on the deadline date. I will be posting them sometime on June 12th.

Expectations For The Carnival Crew wrote:
❖ You Need To Be Friendly To ALL The People At The Carnival
❖ Don't Give Away Anything That Nadex Has Told You Specifically To Keep Secret
❖ You Must Be On At Least Once A Day To Help
❖ You Will Be Expected To Show Up On The Join.Me Meetings (times will be posted)
❖ Nikoi, Desty, and Price (may or may not) Be Helping Us, So Be Sure To Respect Them
❖ If You Are On Other Websites, You Are Expected To Tell People There That We Will Be Having A Carnival And They Are Invited
❖ Don't Give Away Any Specifics When Telling People That We Are Having A Carnival

Forms For The Carnival:
What Would You Like Us To Call You?:
Are You Willing To Draw For The Carnival?:
How Often Can You Get On?:
Are You On Any Other Websites?: (if so please tell me what websites)
Are You Willing To Advertise?:
Are You Going To Take This Job Seriously?:

By Sending In Your Form You Have Agreed To All The Carnival Crew Expectations.

Carnival Crew Forms 129211n1bn6wc3td


PM Me If You Need Any Help.

Carnival Crew Forms 129211n1bn6wc3td
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Carnival Crew Forms
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