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 Advertising Rules

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Age : 22
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Join date : 2012-04-17

PostSubject: Advertising Rules   Mon Aug 06, 2012 11:56 pm

First off, here is our main ad:


Hello and welcome to Something Catchy! We shall welcome your arrival with open arms, SC is a friendly place to hang out and make friends; and we hope to add a few more to our site. So, please take a look at our topic and website, anyone and everyone may join (including formerly banned members too~!) as soon as we get back on our feet again, but we're not dead yet, we shall come back fighting and get out of this rut of inactivity. <3 We're turning over new leaves and plan to keep doing so- SC will not be let down, we will flourish once again with activity. =D 


First of all I would like to explain our pack's ambitions; we do not strive for amazing role-play like most out there, but we focus more on friendship and activities instead. So, with the "not big on roleplay" thing going on here (we do however offer it, it's just not the main show.) It gives us more opportunities to enjoy other Internet things~ As of late we are going to try our best to keep ourselves drama-free, so please do not try to cause trouble here, we do not wish to have it. We will have a great deal of activities once we gain more members and get the site set up correctly, we'll have a great time! =) Rocking out all night to music at the best internet parties around, because no place is like Something Catchy~


Forum/Website;; http://somethingcatchy.forumotion.com/
DeviantArt group;; http://something-catchy.deviantart.com/
Youtube Channel;; https://www.youtube.com/user/Somethingcatchycrew

How do I join?

Just sign up on the site and ta-da! You've joined us, fairly simple ;3
Although before you do so, you may want to skim over our rules, there aren't many, but the ones we do have are important.


Our "rankings" for our site are pretty basic with only Administrators, Moderators, Mini-Mods (Helpers), and Members. Once you make a post or enter the chat-box confirming you're interested in having a Member-colored name, your wish will be granted as soon as Nikoi is on.

Administrators are the highest ranking on SC, they make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently, almost always making the last decisions for Something Catchy after getting opinions from the members.

Nikoi - Active

Moderators make sure the forums are clean and people abide by the rules- and helping as much as they can.

Desty Auditore - Active
Price - Active
Lamia - Active

Usually Mini-mods greet new-comers to Something Catchy, making sure their questions are answered.

Morbear - Semi-active


Avia- Semi-Active
Banazel - Semi-Active
Emmy - Semi-Active
Gale- Semi-Active
Gaea - Semi-Active
Hestia - Semi-Active
Koi -Semi-Active
Ladynorge - Active
Mouse - Semi-Active
Rosamund - Semi-Active
Roxanni - Semi-Active
Serenditalics - Active
Username - Semi-Active

If you are listed, but wish to no longer be apart of SC, please notify Nikoi- also, if you were a member, and wish to be listed again, please notify Nikoi.

To prevent issues/ squabbles with other websites (because we get along so well) I've decided to make a set of rules for advertising. Please follow them :3

1. Abide the site's rules. If they say no ads in chat boxes, don't do it.
2. Post ads where they belong. Don't act like a spam bot and plaster a forum with SC ads, please.
3. Obey their admins. If they ask for the ad to be removed, do it. We want no arguments with any site.
4. You're representing us when you post, so try and be civil.
5. Don't advertise in a place you know is full of, well, idiots. This one explains itself.
6. Try not to make an ad if we already have one somewhere. We are no spammers!
7. Remember that advertising generally allows other sites to advertise here or makes them think that they can, drawing away from us.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Go nuts.


You don't see quality TV like that anymore.

Last edited by Lamia on Tue Aug 07, 2012 6:38 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Gender : Female
Posts : 31
Location : Lurking in the shadows, waiting to strike.
Join date : 2012-04-22

PostSubject: Re: Advertising Rules   Tue Aug 07, 2012 2:14 pm

Why am I not on the list at all? Sad Poke

Like me or not; I'm stuck here just like you....
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Gender : Female
Age : 21
Posts : 140
Location : Bitch mode, ACTIVATE.
Join date : 2012-04-14

PostSubject: Re: Advertising Rules   Tue Aug 07, 2012 5:51 pm

ladynorge wrote:
Why am I not on the list at all? Sad Poke

Because when it was made you weren't active and it hasn't been updated yet.

"So the FCC won't let me be
Or let me be me, so let me see
They try to shut me down on MTV
But it feels so empty, without me
So, come on and dip, bum on your lips
Fuck that, cum on your lips, and some on your tits
And get ready, 'cause this shit's about to get heavy
I just settled all my lawsuits, fuck you Debbie

Now this looks like a job for me
So everybody, just follow me
'Cause we need a little, controversy
'Cause it feels so empty, without me
I said, "This looks like a job for me"
So everybody, just follow me
'Cause we need a little, controversy
'Cause it feels so empty, without me"
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Age : 22
Posts : 402
Join date : 2012-04-17

PostSubject: Re: Advertising Rules   Tue Aug 07, 2012 6:36 pm

Don't fret, I'll add you.


You don't see quality TV like that anymore.
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PostSubject: Re: Advertising Rules   

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Advertising Rules
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